Conversion tools for translators

Imagine this situation: it is a normal working day, you receive an e-mail message from a client that sends you a document to translate. You open the mail and see that is a PDF file. Buf, okay, that panda not the cunico. When you double click to open the file, you realize that is a PDF of a photocopy on paper… sounds right now?

Imagine this one: is another normal working day (we will not have two problems the same day). You receive a video for subtitles in MP4 format and Subtitle Workshop does not open it. UPS, what are you doing now? Do annoying customer asking the video in another format?

On the day of a translator, although the CAT tools can help us enough in matters of conversion, can not always do all the work. Sometimes they have to give way to other tools. It is the case of the conversion toolsformat, units, currency, time zone, etc.

In this article we will talk about of 5 types of online conversion tools and free that should start to use (or at least tinker for when you might need them).  

1. format conversion tools

It is true that many cat, such as SDL Trados Studio Tools, can convert files to different formats. However, sometimes we find errors and incompatibilities.

The thing is even more complicated when you need to work with formats that your programs TAO even contemplate.

It is not the end of the world. Fortunately, there are many free alternatives and powerful to convert files to virtually any format.